Turmeric Exports from India: A Comprehensive Guide

15 Dec, 2023

India dominates the global turmeric market, contributing to over 80% of the world’s production.

India is called the land of spices owing to its rich history, diverse geography, and extensive cultivation of a wide range of aromatic spices.Turmeric is one of them. It is a golden-hued spice derived from the Curcuma longa plant and has a special place in Indian culture and cuisine. The connection between India and turmeric is multifaceted. It is used in cooking, as a medicine, religious ceremonies, etc.

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. Turmeric exports from India contribute substantially to India’s economy, generating revenue and supporting the livelihoods of numerous farmers involved in its cultivation. 

In this blog, we will talk about turmeric production in India, turmeric exports from India, turmeric exporters in India and so on.

Turmeric Production in India and Current Market Trends

India is the largest producer of turmeric in the world. Various regions across India contribute to its cultivation due to the diverse climate and fertile soil, making it an ideal crop for many parts of the country. 

India cultivates over 30 diverse varieties of turmeric across more than 20 states nationwide. Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu stand are the major turmeric-producing states in the country.

As per the Commerce Ministry, during the year  2022-23, an area of around 3.24 lakh hectares was under turmeric cultivation in India. The total turmeric production in India reached 11.61 lakh tonnes, making up over 75% of the global turmeric output.

In terms of market trends, India’s dominance in the global turmeric market remains unchallenged. Its widespread popularity as a natural remedy and spice in diverse cuisines supports its stable market growth.

However, factors such as weather conditions, changing agricultural practices, and market fluctuations do impact production and pricing. During the monsoon climate variations season can affect turmeric yields. Also, changes in farming practices, technology integration, and government policies play a role in shaping production levels and market trends.

Turmeric Exports from India

India’s role in the global turmeric market is not only as a major producer but also as the largest exporter of the world. The country exports substantial quantities of turmeric to various nations to meet diverse consumer demands. 

Did you know that the most popular Indian export is Turmeric (Haldi)?

According to the commerce ministry, during 2022-23, 1.534 lakh tonnes of turmeric and turmeric products valued at 207.45 million USD was exported by more than 380 exporters. 

The primary export destinations for Indian Turmeric are Bangladesh, UAE, USA, and Malaysia. North America is the largest market for Haldi and Europe is the fastest growing market.

India’s status as the largest exporter of turmeric can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Abundant Production: India boasts extensive cultivation of turmeric across various regions due to favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil, resulting in substantial production levels.
  2. High Quality: Indian turmeric is renowned for its quality and potency, meeting international standards. 
  3. Cultural Significance: Turmeric holds immense cultural importance in India as it is used in traditional practices, cuisine, and medicinal systems like Ayurveda. This deep-rooted cultural connection has translated into expertise in cultivation, processing, and trading.
  4. Global Demand:There is a huge global demand for turmeric because of its use for different purposes like medicines, cosmetics, etc. India effectively meets this demand due to its large-scale production and export capabilities.
  5. Market Competitiveness: Indian exporters often offer competitive pricing in the international market, making their turmeric an attractive choice for buyers worldwide.

Turmeric exporters in India

EXPORA is a leading turmeric exporter from India. We guarantee a consistent supply of different turmeric varieties to cater to the diverse preferences of our customers worldwide. With our expertise and strong partnerships with reputable turmeric suppliers in India, we ensure reliable and top-notch turmeric exports from India.

EXPORA is an exporter of turmeric from Maharashtra, Salem and Nizamabad qualities with different types of polishes.

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Turmeric exports from India play a crucial role in shaping the worldwide spice trade. With India’s ability to grow turmeric in large quantities, a variety of turmeric types, and a strong infrastructure, we stand out in meeting local and global demand for this valuable spice.

Nevertheless, India also has the capacity to increase its international presence by creating awareness about turmeric value added products like turmeric oil, oleoresins,etc. among the turmeric manufacturers and exporters in India


  1. Which are the top turmeric exporting countries?

Ans. India, Netherlands, Vietnam, Fiji, Myanmar, Peru, Indonesia, Germany, United States and Spain are the top 10 turmeric exporting countries.

  1. Which are the top turmeric importing countries?

Ans. United States, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, UAE, Japan, Canada are the top 10 importing countries.

  1. Which turmeric products are exported from India?

Ans. Major turmeric products exported from India are Turmeric Powder (HSN code: 09103030), Turmeric Extract, Amla Powder, Shatavari Powder, Tulsi Powder.

  1. How to export turmeric from India?

Ans. Exporting turmeric from India involves obtaining licenses, grading the product, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Packaging, arranging transportation to the port, and managing customs clearance are crucial steps. Market research helps find buyers, and negotiating contracts finalizes the deal. Monitoring the shipment, maintaining communication, and addressing concerns post-shipment ensures a successful export process. If don’t want to go through such a time-consuming process, you can contact us at contact@expora.in

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